Ubisoft’s release of Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Wildlands was a personal favorite of mine last year. Not only am I fan of Ubisoft as a publisher, but the Ghost Recon franchise is also a favored series of mine. The latest installment in the series continuing the tactical shooter was released across the board, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. As the tenth game in the franchise it’s the first to have the open world sandbox experience, giving vast explore able areas such as mountain sides, desert wastes, thick jungles to snowy cliff faces.

The game play is set as third person, with optional first person shooting. The game is based in the modern day setting, giving the player equipment and weaponry commonly used by different military’s. However it also features its own designs, such as the the drones equipped to the ghost members, becoming more useful as the player levels and upgrades, giving the ability to scout and mark enemy units in the given search area.
Since the game is an open sandbox, the player is given an array of vehicles to travel around, such as helicopters, cars, truck, motorbikes etc. Depending on the faction owner on the vehicle depends on its style.

For primary and secondary objectives, the open world game play gives the player multiple different ways to complete their objective, either by going in ‘guns blazing’ or taking the most preferred stealth approach, given to the different types of players also changes how they would level their character. With leveling, the player earns experience points by completing objectives, that being the primary operations on the side ops given. Each time the player levels they are awarded upgrade points, these can also be collected from searching the map as a collectible giving the player more opportunities to upgrade.

Each point can be used in the four given skill trees;

Weapon skill tree – specializing in the players use of weaponry, for example the amount of ammo the character can hold, the stability of aim and so forth.
Drone skill tree – specializing in the players use of their drone, increasing its range and battery life etc.
Item skill tree – Giving the player more equipment at their disposal, parachutes, mines etc.
Squad skill tree – This tree is used for both the single player experience and the multiplayer, for single player, it increases the talents of the A.I that assists the player and their usefulness during the game. In multiplayer this skill tree apply the talents of faster revival, it also gives the player themselves more talents such as stronger resistance in vehicles, more bullet resistant, longer sprint times, etc.

Each different skill tree has a final special talent.

The stories plot in itself entices the player to hunt down and destroy a Cartel in Bolivia, a fierce and powerful Cartel known as ‘Santa Blanca Cartel’. The story encourages the player to take down the sub bosses down, until finally giving them the chance to take down the Cartels leader.
The game also provides full customization of the players character, what they wear, the equipment they posses etc.

Although my love for this game, there is always a few issues in every game. In Wildlands, the missions can sometimes feel repetitive, although the many different opportunities given. And the story cut scenes aren’t exactly a work of art. But nether the less, the game even now coming out world wide of March 7th 2017, I always find myself being drawn back into the world of the Ghosts.

I would rate this game a good 7/10 for its hard work and plentiful content, bearing its flaws in mind. The game is still a hit, with its player base always coming back to it and I for one am one of those players.

Civilization 6

One of the riches as well as deepest base game series known is Civilization as it is comprised of superbly unique and smart additions whose changes does a great job in refining its existing base game whose gameplay is already great as it is. However, this poses a challenge when it comes to adding newer content in order to make improvements upon its existing features while avoiding any kind of bloating. This is what gave rise to Civ VI’s Rise and Fall which is its first ever expansion known to strike an excellent balance with its predecessor due to a number of several essential features complementing and changing the general base game.

There is also the Ages system known to work alongside Civ VI’s brilliantly given the way it has emphasized on carefully planned and setting up a civilization that is well-rounded the victory conditions being worked on notwithstanding. There is an expansive variety of successes that add up to your overall score, this can be from having to clear Barbarian outposts for constructing Wonders to taking the lead as a civilization having a sophisticated government structure. You have to establish a form of balance because leaning too heavily in a particular specialization, such as science, earning sufficient points will be a challenge for you in any era for escaping that Dark Age as well as its trials. Therefore, regardless of whether you’re even two eras in front of the rest in your individual tech tree, you will find yourself still prone to being dragged behind by having to fall into a ‘Dark Age’ given that stay dormant not doing anything noteworthy. This is what results to a strong start not being sufficient in carrying you all through ‘Rise and Fall’, both in high and low difficulties— what is needed of you is to be one step ahead like proactive working and adaptation of unique strategies with stride along your course to ruling the world.

This big picture is an excellent addition hence the name Rise and Fall representing what is known as Ages system that correlates with present technological ages- such as in Ancient times, Classical eras, among others —but has its basis on global average instead of individualized progression through your tech tree. With the worldly transitioning from era to era, every civilization effectively accumulates its own score targeting the next ‘Age’. The way you progressed through in previous era determines the following, whether you:-

Have the ability join the normal Age, fall back into the Dark age, or escalated into the Golden Age.

Remember that even though Golden Ages is the most beneficial, do not overlook the Dark Ages as they have their one of a kind bonuses so if you follow through the chain pulling yourself from age to age you receive more bonuses and effectively become stronger as opposed to going straight to Golden Age without passing through Dark Age. Keep in mind that these ‘Heroic Ages’ as they are popularly referred to prove to be a powerful armory as you progress the moment you may find yourself having fallen behind whereby you are experiencing difficulties in catching up during the game.

This pc gaming also involves features that revolve around building off its base game as surveillance of the growth of each city is of utmost importance. Vanilla CIV VI, there are cities which do not use civilization-wide happiness meters as they have their own unique ones which contributes to more depth the city’s development paying closer attention to the city’s individualized contributions to your overall empire. With Rise and Fall, two major features have been added which conversely plays a big role in the cities; Loyalty as well as Government, that have a symbiotic relation for the purpose of adding depth to the overall management of the city without making things more complicated.

Another important point is loyalty which is a measure of a city’s level of dedication. This pc game it is prudent that you get the flow of loyalty metric through the ages. For example Loyalty in Dark Ages is way weaker compared to Golden Age where it flourishes. The lower the level of loyalty, the lesser the productivity of and more prone it will be to revolt your city. The best way to ensure or evoke loyalty is through proximal considerations where you prioritize proximity acquisition of expansive area or size of your empire. The closer you are the more you will be able to oversee the running of your government enabling you to tailor it according to your playstyle as you develop.